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Now, I have to both apologize for my commentary getting rather bland and for it not getting any better in my following report. Many don't realize just how hard it is to make a simple, good day on the road that interesting to you masses. Sure we have pretty pictures, but we all love a good yarn woven in with it. Well sometimes, the roads are just great, the meals are simple & on the side of the road, and the company is just that perfect balance of companionship & unobtrusiveness where the experience is shared but you're still having your own ride. I guess I'm saying that there are great days on the road with certain people where there is simply no drama, but that it's still a day that you will remember forever. This day & the next were like that. Well, a bit more drama the next day, but we'll get to that eventually.

And on with it. After being epically skeptical about HBN's “magic” seat cushion, I tried it for all of about 10mi, after which we got into something of a heated debate because he wanted it back & I sort of suggested something along the lines of him procreating with himself, etc and we decided that I should just maybe attempt to procure my own cushion. Or something to that effect. Anyhow, I'm officially a Disciple of the Cushion. And I found one at Canadian Tire.

I have to agree with HBN on the terrain being familiar in parts of NS. A good chunk of Day... what are we on now... 5? ... felt like someone took the grape country of western NY and plopped it on an atlantic coastline.

This piece of dirt riding was fantastic in the morning, even though my dirt legs were weirdly hard to find after the last 2k mi of pavement...

Another example of just how huge the tides are up here:

Some more shots at the grain silo (which there are also a lot of in WNY) and bay:

And of the stop by the glorified ice cream light house. I was very annoyed here and I have absolutely no memory as to why. Lol. Maybe I needed a snack...

But I was in a much better mood when we hit the Cape George lighthouse and had a nice lay-down in the grass.

Funny thing here is that in both of the pics above there was a huge Korean family loudly checking out the light house. I was just in that perfect position where if I bent down slightly they were hidden behind the luggage on my bike, making the place look deserted.

After that we dropped into town (Antigonish). I was baffled by the sudden & honestly shocking number of hot young women all of a sudden, until we passed the college. No pictures were taken because we were frantically searching for booze near sunset.

We raced the sunset looking for camping and stopped at a couple of trashy RV places before ending up at the Crazy Flipping Dorito Campground. Just to prove that HBN isn't making that up, here's their logo. I can't tell you how many signs we passed with that logo thinking "what the hell is that place...???"

Dinner on the road can still be *&#$@ing amazing...

And HBN going for “second supper” late night:

And we went to bed not knowing that tomorrow would include some of the best roads on the Eastern Seaboard (pavement & dirt), a hot girl on a bicycle that we would accidentally stalk for an hour, strange canned goods, amazing seafood, a local NOVA man at the end of the world, and the Campground at the End of the Universe.

(Ps: if you got that last reference, pat yourself on the back for being a huge dork like me.)
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