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Wow! Front flat at 80 and staying up! Good on ya! I've had a front flat at 80(kph) on a different bike a few years ago & on a dirt road and I went straight into the ditch before I knew what was happening . I was fine and the bike was ok too except for a broken windscreen (and front flat).

I'm running Hyperpro springs up front which definitely made a big difference and it doesn't blow through it's travel anymore (now I can hit stuff harder ). The springs are taking some of the sting out of what the rims get I think. Ohlins sure would be nice though!

Save your money. Ohlins is way over rated.

Yes, I may be riding 2 up mostly, but the Ohlins provided only better basic response to trail chop and intermediate hits. Even solo it wasn't up to the task. Nicer to ride in general, but blows through the stroke because they have no anti bottom out valving. The further off road I took it, the more obvious it was.

It took a full revalve and several respring attempts to get it anywhere near where I expected it to be.

I tired a KTM 990 Adventure again today, and the standard out of the box suspension on it is far superior to my modified Ohlins. Even 2 up.

That's a waste of $2300 for me so far. Add that to the new price of the F800've got a 990.

It's hard to smile after that.

At the end of the day, if you're chasing better suspension purely for off road work, then you bought the wrong bike. Yeah, you can keep spending money until the F800 goes almost as well as a 990. But it will always be almost. Plus it'll actually cost you more.
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