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Friday 9/28: Gloster, Mississippi - Tupelo, Mississippi

After spending a wonderful night all by myself in Walt's "guest house and hunting lodge" on Lake Greengate, I arose to a phenomenon we rarely see in New Mexico:

Yup, fog. *Well, it's gotta burn off soon. *In the meantime, make some coffee and fix a piece of toast. *Finally, a "reasonable" sized breakfast.

Then a few minutes later Walt rolled up with some MORE stuff for breakfast for me. *What a guy!

Walt and Dr. Greg "Go Fishin' "

So I had remarked the night before to Walt that I had never done much fishin'..."heck, we'll go out in the mornin' and catch a few," replied Walt. *And so we did. *I followed him out to the end of the pier:

It was a beautiful, quiet, foggy morning. *Walt had a couple different lures which he guaranteed would get a "largemouth bass"...hopefully 4 - 5 pounds!

I told Walt I'd spoil his luck, but he kept tryin'...finally ended up with this little guy:

Walt finally had to leave, and I got Milledue turned around and repacked...

This time riding out Walt's driveway I could actually SEE, so I missed most of the bigger rocks. *Milledue in ENDURO mode for this little section...

I tried to get a few pics of the wonderful roads (75-mph sweepers, etc.) that we rode in on the night before (under the full moon!):

I thoroughly enjoyed stayin' with these good folks. *Salt of the earth, they are.

The Natchez Trace Parkway

At Natchez, Mississippi, I caught the Natchez Trace Parkway.

Even though the speed limit is 50 mph (I rode a GPS-indicated 60-65 mph), I thoroughly enjoyed the peace of "the Trace." *Virtually no traffic, beautiful, beautiful green woodland. *It was like a balm to my soul.

I pulled over at a few of the "historical markers."

And stopped at a few of the "picnic areas."

I could have taken 20 more pictures along the Natchez Trace. *But you'd get bored. *So I kept ridin' as far as Tupelo, Mississippi (where I am typing this from on Saturday morning). *IIRC that's the birthplace of Elvis Presley. *I guess I'll follow the "Trace" from here up into Tennessee. *I think the weather's gonna deteriorate, but it's not rainin' now. *I definitely wanna see the place in TN where explorer Meriwether Lewis met his fate end (near Hohenwald, TN, I believe).

Thanks for reading, more later.

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