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We are not happy!

No, really. It OK. Itís just miserable out there. Holed up in Rockland after a nasty trip thru Boston. But, letís go back a couple of days.
This was the ride back then. Fall colors just starting. Cool but nice.

The Brunswick area led me to a Guzzi dealer and after a chat with their Mechanic, Steve, I thought with the mileage close enough to the service mark I would let Steve tackle it. PlusÖsurprise, surprise. They had everything in stock. Steve had never even seen a 2012 NTX but had had time on Stelvios. He took the bike overnight and called me midmorning saying he would be done within the hour.
Showing up I was greeted with ďDonít know if youíre gonna be happy with this.Ē Turns out he turned the key and got nothing. Nada. Completely dead bike. Now, being on a long trip on a bike a dude needs all the good Karma he can acquire so I was not about to get all heated up over this. The shop was laid back and he didnít mind me hanging around offering any input I might have. Steve proceeded to go into full blown diagnostic mode, removing covers, gauge set and tank and checking wires fuses and the like.
Long story short, standing there with him about an hour later he looks across at me and says ďThink I may have found the problem.Ē For some reason he had removed the starter cover and failed to notice the main
ground from the battery was behind the bolt. Touching the wire gave a spark. And, problem solved. I also asked him to look at the front wheel which has had a small low speed wobble almost since day one. Steve found only a small bit of out of balance and we both agreed that it is probably the tire. New tires and rim check is prolly 1000 miles away.

So I was on my way with BG feeling real good. The bill was a very reasonable $200 + a few bucks. Plus when Steve did the sync he found that the idle part of it was way out. His feeling is that the previous guy did not do the two part sync which is synced at idle and at 4000 rpm. It made all the difference.

The sky was growing nasty and a tour towards Gloucester turned into two disagreeable ingredients creating havoc. Tourists (itís the end of September, Dammit! Go home!) and road work. The whole mess was giving me a headache and I grabbed a good enough room ($45) for the night. Only problem was it was prolly where half the road crew was staying and the picnic table party went on into the night. Being a rider I do have the advantage of earplugs and I shut them out.
Next day the rain came and progressively grew worse.

With Boston approaching I decided to hit the interstate to shoot thru it before rush hour. And it got hairy! Big Girl was protesting a bit as we were in real nasty stuff with all kinds of traffic but she was solid. At times I could barely see but finally rode 93 thru town to catch 3A south of town. The Oly gear I was wearing held up quite well with the exception of a little dampness getting past at the short jacket waist line. My gloves were well soaked thru but the heated grips were keeping me warm. The worst part of the whole thing was the medical travel insurance I had bought doesnít kick in till the first of October.
By mid afternoon I had had enough and consulted Garmin for accommodation only to be led on a wild goose chase thru the ritzy back roads of Nantasket. I did, however, find Hogwarts.

Fortunately, I was saved by a friendly (and damn good lookin) cop who directed me towards Rockland. A comfortable Best Western had a surprisingly reasonable ($106) rate and here I am holed up watching the weather channel. Tomorrow itís on to Cape Cod and prolly more of the same.
As I am now in the good ol US of A for a good six months now I have switched Garmin and Guzzi readouts to miles and inches and that shit and will refer to everything in those terms from now on. Hopin 17 degrees as 56 would feel warmer but it donít.
And lastly Big Girl is maturing. She will now be referred to with the grown up term of Big Gal. Or BG for short.
I once was lost but now I' wait, I'm still lost.
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