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thought I offered a

Originally Posted by Jeff aka BOLT View Post
Well... since you asked... 20 people pestered me with PMs (this is always a red flag because it allows people to back out without everyone seeing it)... 7 publicly committed to the ride... all but one bailed by last night for car failure... forgotten plans... kid issues... whatever ! I called a couple buddies and heading to the Ords tomorrow instead.

Bottomline... internet dirtbikers can be pretty flakey people. I am hopng for better results from this thread. I just hope this doesn't turn out to be ADV-TALK or ADV-BOOK. I really don't have any interest in sitting on a website sharing war stories with strangers that I have never spun dirt with. But with Glenn, Scott and some of the others participating I think we'll have some fun rides. Oct 7 will be a good chance to do just that.

Less talk... more ride.
Wed or Sat ride? Oh well! Next time. Will pm u when we ride or if I can break out solo. Love the mountains when able, until I get my axle parts for my xr400. I am limited in speed to the xr250r for tight stuff.
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