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Thanks for this write up ggamster!

I'm tossing up between a second hand WR250R and a new CRF250L and have a few questions. I'm 5'10" and 195lb. 32" inseam. I'm guessing from this the WR is probably going to be a better fit, but I could be comfortable enough on both. Would you disagree with this?

I expect to be doing around 3-4000 miles a season (I'm in central iowa below I80, so I'm thinking march until October/November) and intend to service it once at the start of each year, so I don't think miles between service is going to be a huge issue.

I intend to commute to work and back when I can, 8miles of paved roads, 3m of that is 55mph. That would make up 2-3000Miles. I'm expecting the gas savings from the commute instead of driving my F150 will pretty much pay for the bike. This makes it easier to convince the wife that I need one. But then I intend to enjoy a variety of level B access roads and gravel the rest of the time.

How do you find servicing between the two? Is one much easier than the other in terms of access to the engine etc? Are parts roughly the same price?

I was originally drawn to the CRF, I've owned 3 other Hondas and liked them, but after reading your posts I'm starting to lean more towards a second hand yamaha. It seems that a barely used WR with a full aftermarket exhaust is about the same as a new stock CRF. The adjustable suspension and the history of the Yamaha are also a plus.

Are there any other factors that I should consider? I'm not going to be pushing this bike hard by any stretch of the imagination. It probably wont go over 65 very often if at all, and this will be my first DS bike (Unless you count a CT110 lol) so I don't think I will be going too hard on the trails.

Thanks again for the write up, it's been very informative.
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