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swb vs. lwb:
from here I might guess swb which usually came with the silver (now bronze-ish) plastic intake runners.
The black runners/elbows are more typically found on lwb bikes, but the two varieties are interchangeable.

A skilled eye would know by looking at the gap between the airbox and back fender, or simply get a visual sense of the wheelbase. For me there’s enough clutter with the bags & etc. that I’d want to check the rear swingarm as a definitive answer.
Of course a previous owner could easily convert swb to lwb, or the reverse.

With the bike’s serial number it’s easy to get the build month & year via the REALOEM link Disston provided, also from in the parts fiche which has a similar window for the seven-digit serial number, which takes you to the parts catalog for the bike in question… also providing the build mo/yr.
Some advantage with MAX’s site is the up-to-date price list.

You may know by now that many /5s came with no battery covers.
That your subframe has the tabs would seem to indicate a later build but still possibly swb and original to the bike.

To the tank: my understanding is that all /5s had the screw-on emblems. Maybe the emblems have been replaced and the later ones are glued on, covering the screw holes?
I think the easiest way to positively identify what you have would be to lift the tank and look for a recess that would provide space for an undertank master cylinder… making it a /6 tank.

That fairing is most-excellent. Somebody wants it so treat it nicely upon removal.
And the Wixom bags are about the best possible on a /5. Good score.

Looking at the pic from where I sit, it appears to me those turn signals belong on a Honda or other UJM.
I’m wondering whether the original items were removed to accommodate the fairing and bags… I could be wrong…

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