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Originally Posted by BcDano View Post
I had to add our current trip experience with the rims so far. Truth is I was on the side of the argument that the rims are crap and even talked to Woody's about new sets for both my bike and the wife's for our journey.

Then we started the ride and we have ridden over 20k miles thus far in three months. Plenty of nasty stuff (Dempster, Gravelly range, Utah slick rock, etc) the rims have been tested for what they were meant to handle. Plus the bikes are loaded for bear and then some ( I'm 6.1, 230lbs and gear totals 140lbs.). The verdict is the rims have performed perfectly. Have we been lucky maybe and perhaps we don't ride the bikes as hard as we would close to home (we are heading around the world after all).

If you are a weekend warrior or prepared to beat on the machine new rims are a must and Woody's are clearly the way to go . If you are an over-lander and riding the country, continent or the globe then you are going to be a lot kinder to your machine and new rims may not be required.

In the end its a choice and a money thing. Be kinder to the machine and ride farther with the funds or go hardcore beat the machine and either have a fatter wallet or don't get to ride nearly as far.

Suspension on the other hand don't get me started........

Going a bit off topic here: Are those the Touratech Foglights? How do you like them?
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