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Originally Posted by Moparmanpete View Post
Try Pine Sol for degreaser, night and day!, I posted some pics of my experience in the pine sol degreaser thread
Thanks for the recommendation, I'll see what the availability of Pine Sol is in the UK

OK, back to the rebuild.

Nothing has happened to the engine since my last post. I need to buy the main and balance shaft bearings before I can continue. Unfortunately 'spare' cash has had to go towards other priorities.

Still, I did have some paint already on the shelf in the garage, so I decided to repaint the frame and swing arm. I'd really like to shot-blast and powder coat the frame, but those saved 's will buy the bearings

Having stripped the frame (wire wheel, wet and dry and elbow grease ) it was time to break out the 'Halfords Maracas' and cover up all the bare metal. First, two coats of etch primer, followed by two coats of red primer, rubbed down between each second coat with 400 grade wet and dry.

Here's the frame with the most of the first coat of red primer over the etch...


I'm not going for a professional finish, just a good protective coat that doesn't look too bad. It'll work out OK
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