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The bike feels really good. It doesn't feel like its dieseling. It's not getting anywhere near red hot at the exhaust. Seems about right, the way it's running. No back fires, just really smooth powerband. The idles hit low enough for the generator light to flash a bit NO oil light flashing EVER , NONE what so ever. Just feels really good. Idles low. Feels like I could ride it coast to coast.

BUT when I turn it off it just won't turn off. Neither key or kill. Kinda driving me nuts cause again I feel like the bike is dialed in OK , maybe not spot on but I feel like we are close.

That being said I have to stall Otto turn it off.

I read a bit up on dieseling ANSI don't believe this I the case. I checked the spark and we are good there and re-gapped.
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