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I just knew that gaping hole was a timing plug but didn't wanna look like an idiot. I also figured I'd take a cork with me before I brought it home.

The tank has a sticker for a Nashville BMW shop, and from what I understand, it came from an estate sale in Crossville. The owner had apparently got it from New Jersey who knows when and passed away with it down here. Considering he even bothered to visit a shop at some point means it might have had some work, so that's possible.

My buddy's grandpa put what looks like a big gel battery in there, and the battery tray doesn't line up. As well, it has the tabs for sidecovers, like mentioned before. It has the brassy/plastic intake tubes. I guess the definitive way to tell would be looking at the shaft housing for an extension weld?

The luggage seems to be stopping me from getting the seat off and it doesn't really feel latched as much as loosely stuck in place, so a /6 seat with improper installation maybe?

The signals themselves I'm not sure of. The stems are still in their places, but the lights themselves are not. I figured they just moved the signals outward, but no telling. That is definitely one of those things I'm going to change though. I'll probably go to bar-end lights and luggage-mounted rear signals. The Wixoms just have reflectors installed right now. Is this normal and how does one route signal wiring through there?

The huge fairing is growing on me, but I'd say it'll come off and sell, or stay in the garage for when Adam West comes over. Forgot to mention is has a pressure gauge on the left and an a meter on the right, both of which seem to work. Meter doesn't seem to kick in until you're a bit above idle. I assume that's normal for these charging systems though.

Pics will be abundant once I've got it home. I'm a terrible photographer and usually just use a cell phone, though.
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