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The plug looks a little lean. You should open the plugs, turn them out, each, another 1/4 turn. They are going to look mostly white because it's the way today's gas burns.But it would be better to have them a little black, then you can turn in a little. Too rich is not as bad as too lean.

The timing is two degrees too far advanced. Is your picture of the timing window with the rpm raised? If so you should retard timing so the F is not above the arrow. OK, It's 1 degree off. Not bad. If this is at speed, not idle.

If this is idle you are off by almost 20 degrees.

You probably need a tachometer so you can know what the rpms are.

If the pipes are getting red hot when you ride it, something is wrong. The pipes get hot, hot enough to burn but they shouldn't "glow".

You should try to hook up with another Airhead close to you or even better a Tech Day where there are several experienced gear heads. From here I'm out of ideas.

The bike didn't have this problem of not turning off before you installed the Boyer? Did it? This is why we want you to fix the OEM system before adding such stuff. It appears the Boyer is hard wired to positive. You turn the rest of the electricity off and on with the key but the coils might be hot all the time.

With the key off. Take the gas tank off. With the test light grounded at the clip, touch the pointed end to the outer terminal of the right hand coil. If key is off the light should not glow, if it does, the coils are hot.
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