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The Year of 2012

The Year of 2012

I think I have bored you enough with my previous rides and all the confusing links that will get you in many places , so it's time for the real deal .
To make sure that we and the bikes are prepared for the challenge we did a little four day ride trough Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail . Nothing to extreme and I have done it way too many times . But I would not underestimate it as challenges always pop up . The worse part of it was my front tire that wore out faster than expected as you will see later on .

Self Portrait - Catalin . Look how handsome I am !

Taking a little brake !

Corn Fields !

One Horse Power ! Amish Country .

My little friend from Oregon WI .

This part of the trail has been closed recently and I went around it . Haven't seen any posted signs but I think is not worth the trouble .

Sand and it's time for some play ! No expert in it but I am getting better at it .

Kion in action !

This could have been disastrous , a good 50' of loose wire on the gravel . Went over it at 50 miles and hour with no time to react and it looked to be part of the electrical fence that the farmers is using . Coiled it and strapped it on some dude fence . Lucky !!!

Almost ran over it !

There is a lot of this and I love it !

This FLY was incredible or maybe my hands were too sugary from the berry that I've been picking up . Will not move and I even pet it on the back .

And more of this !

Made it to Lake Superior . Kion is taking a smoke brake .

By now my front tire is wearing out at incredible pace and there are no dealers open or none have any tires for sale . I am still 700 miles away from home and increasingly worried about it . Called home for a replacement one and the Emergency Crew ( my GF) is ready to drive up with a spare tire . Then a brilliant idea struck my brain - look on the back side of any motorcycle dealer where they trash their used tires . Done deal and behind an Arctic Cat dealership found the Holy Grail ! Lucky again , except the fact that in the process of replacing the tire I pinched the tube .

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