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Day 8

This was a rough one. Nevada didn't want to let us go easy. The morning started off with a huge burn area.

This was nothing compared to yesterday. It went on for hours and hours.

It was amazing, strange, alienating, and beautiful all at the same time. By the end, we were incredibly relieved to leave it behind. Four hours of scorched wasteland and death starts to stack up on you. I wouldn't have expected it, but it was really something to go through it all. We found out later that it was a 430,000 acre burn area. Here's our track through it.

The burn made for even dustier conditions and there were a number of steep powdery climbs that threatened to overheat the bikes, but they held it together and got us to Denio Junction. There was a little gas/cafe/motel that helped us answer the age old question. "Does God ride?" Turns out he does.

This thing was about 10 feet tall.

After Denio, we were back into the desert. After the morning's riding, it seemed surprisingly verdant.

A bit more burn and we were done with it completely. This cabin had survived without much damage.
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