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First off, i want to apologize for the frequency of my response.

I took some time and tried to investigate on my issues with the bike. I took the cover off to access the starter. It had spider nests in it so I feel like this needs to be attended to. BUT the bolts that hold the wire brace seem to be inaccessible. The neutral switch has two wire that appear to mount under the transmission. are both of these grounds? One of them has come loose and I was wondering if it needs to go there or if I could ground it where ever. there is a lot of oil and grime on this part of the bike.

The vin number matches the engine vin (YAY). In my Clymer it notes the VIN to be a 79-80. Since its in the earlier of the VIN numbers mentioned, I believe its truely a 79.

Does the Hayes do a better job than Clymer? I would hate to waste my money on another manual if its not of much help
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