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Saturday 9/29 Part Deux: Tupelo, Mississippi - Gallatin, Tennessee

Well, heck, I think I'll finish this RR tonight. *After that good "Chinese" dinner (not REAL Chinese food, BTW...see the early part of this RR for details...) I think I have enough energy to finish this thing out tonight.

An Old "Tobacco" Farm...not my Cup of Tea (so to speak), but...

A few miles beyond the "Lewis" site, there was an old "Tobacco" Farm...

Some people seem to think that SMOKING is the worst thing you can do with your life. I beg to differ. My late father (the legendary "Duke" Starr; I am "Greg" Starr) had a multi-pack-a-day habit for most of his life (picked up in the Army Air Corps during WWII), but the thing he wanted most was for his son NOT to smoke. And I never did. Didn't even inhale. But...lemme tell ya...smoking is NOT the worst thing you can do. Don't get me started.

So, we have the "tobacco farm" on the "Trace." The "barn" had a little history...

And it was a kinda cool lookin' ol' barn (pardon my apostrophes; tryin' to capture the mood here):

I ventured inside, where a few other people were milling around (ironically, several were smoking cigarettes):

I felt the "tobacco leaf" that was hangin' felt pretty "leathery." Dunno if it was even real or not. *Never handled an actual tobacco leaf before. Heck, it was probably fake...

While walkin' back to the Milledue, I noticed an "overlook" view that was actually quite a bit better than many of the "marked" overlooks on the Trace:

Although, for someone used to "New Mexico" views, where due to the dry air you can sometimes see for 100 miles, these "overlooks" are, well...sometimes underwhelming. But I digress...

A final view of the "barn" from the Milledue side:

And yet ANOTHER "Trace" pic to show you for about the 87th time what a GORGEOUS day it was...

All Good Things Must Come to an End...

Well, after something like 444 miles, I reached the "northern terminus" of the "Trace":

I continued on into (and around) Nashville, Tennessee, and eventually came to rest at a motel in Gallatin, Tennessee (selected because it's one of the forks that start the Missouri River).

One humorous incident: when I was working my way thru the Nashville freeway system, I was overtaken by a group of, um, "blooey-pipe" Asian know, the Hondas and such with the big monster exhaust canisters that are really loud...body kits, all that stuff. A whole "group" of 'em sort of "surrounded" me, then moved on past. They were just "doing their thing." Gave me a chuckle. Shoot, when I was a kid we did crazy stuff, too. Hell, I'm a certifiable Senior Citizen and I'm STILL doin' crazy stuff!

There is a guy in Elizabethtown, Kentucky (Bill) that offered me a place to stay, but I think I'll probably get further than that tomorrow. Sorry, Bill, although if I get a late start maybe I'll end up stopping by. At least I remembered to call Bill a little ahead of time, instead of ten minutes before I arrive.

Actually, I don't really know WHERE I'm goin' tomorrow. I've heard rumors of rain in the area, so we'll see. It sure was nice to have some cooler weather today, but be careful what you wish for.

Later folks; keep sendin' good thoughts my way...they seem to be working.

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