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Originally Posted by runnin4melife View Post
What Ohlins setup do you have and where did you get it at, plus what is your weight? I haven't had any problems with mine from Fastbikes (NIX kit) shy of a few adjustments and an oil adjustment. Of course if I get silly I can get it close to bottoming out but haven't yet and I have jumped some gnarly things. Your suspension sounds based on what you describe to be under sprung and poor valving.
I had a long winded reply but it got lost in the ether.

You haven't had problems with yours. That's great.

Mine sucks big hairy balls. Ohlins is cheap shit. They sell a standard off the shelf shock that isn't set up for anything. Basic riding, basic weight. Despite asking me all about weight and riding style, which was futile and pointless. It took several revalves to get it anywhere near right, and it still sucks balls. No bottom out valving. Fuck me, even the standard Sachs works better as far as bottom out goes.

It has the heaviest rear spring on the Ohlins list, 22kg/mm. It still sucks hairy dogs balls.

It was set up by the same guy who has done 3 dirt bikes for me and they've all been perfect. He went to Le Mans to do suspension work for the last 24 hour. He knows what he's doing.

I stopped short of spending money on replacing the internals of the front end. Because I had decided to replace the bike. By the time I buy rims and front cartridges etc I'd have paid enough to upgrade the suspension that I could have just bought an Enduro bike and kept the BMW for road riding.

I know the salesman at the KTM store, my son used to work there. I was offered $1500 discount on a new 990 without asking.

If they offer me $10k for the Austro-Bavarian hunk of junk they can have it. I'll throw in all the spares I have for free.
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