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It sounds like you have the power feed to the Boyer hooked to something that is hot always. It should be switched, so the Boyer is only hot when the key is on. On my Booster I used the blue/green or green/blue wire that feeds switched current to the coils. This is how it was diagrammed on the instructions. Maybe your instructions aren't as complete or something. On all of these units the blue/green wire will work because it is the hot wire to the coils when you don't have electronic. It is the wire that goes to the outer terminal of the left hand coil.

The bike is rideable with that much too much advance but I wouldn't leave it there. I've had this myself and eventually got the dot down to where it belongs. It seems just a little happier.

I currently have to retime my R90 because the points block has worn it seems. Us Booster guys have to do that. You don't have to do that once you get it right, right? But by all means do get it right.
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