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The ocean is cold, no one swims in it. It even got cold towards the night. We warmed ourselves in a Jacuzzi and went for dinner at a local restaurant that was recommended to us Ė of course it had to be seafood. It didnít look like much but we came here to eat. The food was awesome, everything we ate was todayís catch.

This place is called Devilís Churn or food processor. When the waves are stronger the splash can reach the tree on the left:

Seal Islands:

As you can imagine all these pictures were taken along route 101/1. It practically stretches the entire west coast.

We only got to San Francisco. Even more beauty starts further south.
You can jump off the bike at any location and youíll find something interesting.

In contrast of Thor's Well, I decided to take some pictures of calmer parts from a safer distance:

This looks like Devilís Churn, but this is a totally different spot:

After sleeping at the shores of the pacific, in the morning we set out for Crater Lake. The road was both uphill and local and there was 420 miles ahead of us.
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