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Originally Posted by trodgers
I took some time and tried to investigate on my issues with the bike. I took the cover off to access the starter. It had spider nests in it so I feel like this needs to be attended to. BUT the bolts that hold the wire brace seem to be inaccessible. The neutral switch has two wire that appear to mount under the transmission. are both of these grounds? One of them has come loose and I was wondering if it needs to go there or if I could ground it where ever. there is a lot of oil and grime on this part of the bike.
Definitely remove the spider's nest carefully. You may have to coax the daddy spider out, he is usually named Herman.

As to the Neutral switch. You need to attach both wires to the switch. If one of the tabs is broken off, then you will need a new switch. The first time trying to attach those wires can be a pain, due t there not being a whol elot of room to work in. I usually use a tool that I got from somewhere a long time ago. I don't know what it is called, but it works like a reverse pair of tweezers. Basically you squeeze at one end to open the other end, place the connector in the end and unsqueeze. Holds it nice andtight and can then wiggle and prod to get the connector onto the switch, then squeeze to release it.
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