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Originally Posted by cyborg View Post
I've had my 390 up to 90 and a lot of time at 70-75mph (with and without luggage) and no wobbles or headshake at all. May have to do with your tire type, suspension preload and sag settings, fork position, etc. Lots of factors. The 2011 and I think 2010 IIRC were given a less twitchy frame geometry. The Scotts stabilizer is nice in that even when you turn it way down, it still blocks the big hits.
I haven't tried with the enduro wheels recently. I've had the SM wheels/tires on since buying the bike and riding home.
During the ride home, I did have to increase rear comp, and decrease front comp all the way, which helped. I also raised the forks in the clamps. I know people always say to raise the front for stability, but that has always been the oposite of my experience on dirt bikes.

The rear spring is stock and feels very good for my weight. The front spring, which I assume is stock, feels very heavy/stiff for my weight. I cannot get much more than 1/2 travel with aggressive street riding, even with comp dialed all the way out.

I'll be going in and lowering both fork/shock soon. Then I'll know what's up with spring rate and any valving changes.
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