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The road was pretty rough here and we just putted along for a while a not far from the edge of the cliff at times.

Jagged rocks and street pressure kept made the ride rough, but at the speed we were traveling none of us wanted to risk a flat or bent rim from airing down. That was fine though, we weren't too concerned with comfort.


Please explain how it gets any better than this.

The ridge stretched on ahead

and I dropped back for a bit

to eat my share of dust

and grab a few photos.

Can you spot Bernie?

The trail jumped into a wood and began to descend, the ground starting to get a bit wet.

Keeping to the high side was a challenge with the big bikes, and we just rode out the ruts if the bike started to go down in.

Approaching a trickier spot, we met some Jeepers headed the other way. They passed through with a bit of wheelspin, and it was our turn.

The mud looked worse than it was, but Mr. Wide Bags had to be ever conscious of the back end.

A little throttle gets that rear tire diggin' nicely.

A little detour around a downed tree and we popped back out onto the ridge.

We looked around, checked the maps, and began the long descent to the town of Nile.

I'm going down, down, down, down

To Nile

Heh, looks like you fell in some mud there guy

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