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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
I agree, these are clearly not "real" WP forks, even if they are now manufactured by WP. Their design has nothing to do with the WP MXMA forks, neither the closed nor the open cartridge version. Instead it is the same cheap un-adjustable BMW spec as the 08-12 models, with even thinner sliders.

Both fork bottoms and caps look the same as the previous generation, none offer any adjusters:
Lukas, got to say I appreciate many of your posts (e.g. on thumpers talking about rear pegs and the subframes) so let me ask a few questions of you or any other readers, without trying to offend...

What makes a real WP fork? The reason I ask is that I have seen many discussions centered around a change in manufacturing process (e.g. Mercedes and Chrysler, Rotax being manufactured in China) but the end result is still owned by the parent company. It's still technically a WP fork, even though we may perceive a downgrade in quality - which I am not disagreeing with, but it's an opportunity for WP and for BMW if this were truly a WP fork!

How valuable is the multi-adjustment? Yes, 100% agree it provides a great deal of flexibility, but when I look at ESA today, I have 3 settings (NORM, COMF and SPORT) which may take away from the ability to do 1/4 to 4 full turns for the dampening settings. Does a myriad of settings take away from the enjoyment of the machine (aka set it and forget it), versus having a lot of fine tuning which for the most part confuses people who simply want to buy a bike and ride?

Can the technology of WP be better than what BMW had before? I know crappy straight springs, weak seals and bad dampening settings can ruin the bike in a myriad of situations, can this setting be "good enough" for what most people use it for?

Do we think that WP has in the back of their mind that this is the entry to a larger BMW market - to see how their stuff handles (a pig of a bike 600 lbs, not counting gear which can push this bike to the 1000# mark), and potentially provide an upgrade solution later on?

Without taking it apart and looking at the design, can we determine what type of WP suspension is in there, e.g. from the sticker and potentially what could be changed?

Suspension is critical. No one should disagree with this as this allows us to keep the tire in contact with the ground, and handle weight transfers without killing the rider (looping or bottoming out). Tires are the first things I change to suit my manner of style, suspension is near the top of the list, but not the top. Why? Because it's so damn expensive. I would love a "Chinese menu" of options, but no manufacturer allows such customization and the change out is a PITA so we wind up with multiple bikes.
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