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Nothing really. I'm probably like most folks who just want to get out there and ride.

Though I would have the dealer go through everything, especially air pressure. This puts them on the hook if anything happens for if you check and it comes back fine (and I have had tire pressure gauges record inaccurate) and something happens, it's on you.

You want this to be a partnership. Both you and the dealer want this to be a long term one where you are happy and come back to pick up the next model. This means a little bit of trust expressed by you, but concerned interest as well. That's my excuse at least.

When you get home, a different story. For me it's a 60 mile shake down ride. Check that the tires are still holding air, that there is oil, the fan came on (and turns off), the headlights are adjusted, the heated grips work, the windshield is bolted tight, etc.

Then you work the bolts. Start with the smallest and work your way up to the largest torx (or vice versa) to give you a feel as to what can and may work loose. Hand tight (no need to break out the torque wrench and specks) and repeat every few hundred until you feel nothings going to shake loose.

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Is your statement based on the factory spec, or personal preference about handling? Mine was delivered with the top of the fork tube flush iwth the top of the clamp.
Same here, just a little bit of gold showing really. I'm wondering if it's a "lowered" option...
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