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Originally Posted by CessPool View Post
Finally! GS windscreen nirvana for a short guy.

I have tried the stock GS screen and in some instances it worked OK for me but mostly it was uncomfortable with the buffeting. Of course I'm short: 5' 6", 28-1/2" inseam.

When I got my new replacement 2012 GS I figured since I read so much positive about the Touratech Desierto 3 screen I would just go with that and be done with it. While it was a very nice albeit very expensive windscreen, it just didn't work as well for a short guy as it seemed to be working for tall guys. So I took that off an put it up for sale in the flea market.

I tried the Givi AF330 Airflow screen and while it was pretty darn nice, I still would have times when the buffeting was giving me terrible headaches. Felt like getting your head thumped around and sounded like when you're driving a car with only 1 window open, you know that "thump thump thump" sound.

Tried the Laminar Lip on the stock screen and that just didn't do it for me either. It's a great product and all but again wasn't the magic I was looking for.

Finally decided to try the Givi DT330 windscreen. It looks very similar to the AF330 but is a one-piece screen. It also uses the same mounting hardware. Along with this Givi, I also used the Tobinators to give a bit more back leaning adjustment.

Strong side winds will still cause a lot of noise and buffeting but there's really nothing you can do about that on a bike. Overall though it's about 98% there and I'm very, very happy with with this setup. Very smooth and quiet at any speed I "normally" ride at.

Only drawback I can see is during extremely hot weather, there is not much air hitting you at slow speeds. Not sure yet, but during the heat of the summer, I'll probably just get a Cee Baileys or MachineArtMoto low screen.

I have the DT330 as well...and the winglets. VERY nice improvement over stock. I'm pretty pleased and it looks TONS better than the AF two-piece. The price is right too! I'm curious how much the Tobinators help with noise and flow. I'm 5'10". The bigger screen does make things pretty hot back there at times...(I was fortunate enough to be in record-setting temps in western Kansas this summer), but standing up will help to cool you down in a hurry!
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