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Fuel mileage check today.

Since it has a 705 kit and is jetted accordingly, I have been curious as to the mpg.A few days ago I filled up the massive 10 gallon tank and reset the trip odo.

So I have been commuting to work, and running around doing some photo tag on dirt roads and maybe 20 miles of freeway and stopped today to top off the tank and get some numbers.

The trip odo had 202 miles on it and the tank only took 3.779 gallons to top it off.
So thats like 53.5 MPG.
I don't know how accurate the trip odo is (I know it is close though judging by the ride to work)yet, as I have not checked it against the Gps.But even if it is off a little I figure I am at least getting 50, so I am really happy with that.

Here is a picture from todays ride.
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