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Boston was a mess. I made a last minute reservation at a B&B over the phone. The owner said that there's plenty of parking, it's a safe neighborhood, etc. etc., only when I showed up the only non-residential permit parking was 3 blocks away. Nope....wasn't feeling it, so I left. Went into an Embassy Suites or Hilton or something just to unload all my gear and get online to find another place, which I did at the College Club of Boston on Commonwealth. They even had a local parking garage. Excellent.

Course when I showed up at the parking garage they wouldn't let me through....strict policy of no motorcycles. Couldn't bribe the guy, he wouldn't turn a blind eye. So street parking it was for the night.

About the only thing worse than the parking was the traffic and traffic flow--and it's time for some fucking political commentary, which I hate, but fuck me--billions are being spent to try and increase MPG of cars and decrease emissions and lower our dependence on fossil fuels, but has no one thought about perhaps upgrading the metered traffic lights to something, say, more advanced than what was being used in 1960. In Boston and countless other cities traffic is constantly stopped for no reason while we wait for the green light that smiles upon an empty lane. And what's worse is if the lights were timed so that you could hit 5 or 6 green in a row (ala 19th Ave in SF), millions of gallons of fuel would not be wasted. I just don't get it. An intelligent traffic metering system using technology that already exists (motion sensors, logarithms that meter traffic based on optimal flow patterns, a fucking motherboard with a processor, etc.) could do more for fuel efficiency in cities than anything that's currently happening to save it in the private sector.

Anyhow, traffic in Boston made for bad times. And pedestrians are dumb as shit--and arrogant about it--too. The city could save thousands of tax dollars a year by not painting crosswalks, too, since no one uses them.

Anyhow, so I spent most of the first night trying to find where I'd be the second--none of it panned. Fate smiled on me and at the last min. a particular someone got me into the Omni for the night with early check in/late check out. :) Thanks again! They even had a parking garage nearby that allowed bikes.

Right near the hotel was a bustling cemetery. Surprised when I saw this:

After two days being in the thick of it I wanted out. I was not enjoying Boston. People are nice and the history of the city is very cool, but the place didn't click with me. Love the energy of lots of big cities, just couldn't dig Boston. Stayed in Jamaica Plains for the next three days. Couldn't say I loved that, either, but at least it was relaxing.

Also got a chance to try Haggus--which I've been afraid to eat, figuring it would be gross. (Sheep stomach stuffed with meat and oats). Looks like a giant alien's eyeball, sliced open with an exacto knife, then stuffed with gristly bits of ground up toes.

Tasted marginally better than it looked. About the only thing needing updating more than traffic lights is Scottish cuisine.

Got to cross this off my list, too. :)

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