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RD ignition timing - where did I go wrong?

Done putting the motor back together.
Trying to set timin by following the book (Clymer) but my points are floating; not riding the cam when they should be open.

Here's what I did.
1) gap set to .012
2) Found TDC, zeroed indicator.
3) rotated clockwise (via alternator bolt) to -0.12" from zero.
3) rotated counterclockwise .041" to reach .079". This is the spec from the manual where my points should open. Again, points are no where near the cam lobe.


I even took off the whole big gizmo off down to the rotor to make sure I installed the cam correctly.
That pin makes it pretty idiot proof.

other relevant questions:
- Why does the manual state to go all the way back to .12" BTDC and then up to .079"?
- Looking at the points, does the left set correspond to the left cyl? Right to Right?
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