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Originally Posted by Snowy View Post
I had a long winded reply but it got lost in the ether.

You haven't had problems with yours. That's great.

Mine sucks big hairy balls. Ohlins is cheap shit. They sell a standard off the shelf shock that isn't set up for anything. Basic riding, basic weight. Despite asking me all about weight and riding style, which was futile and pointless. It took several revalves to get it anywhere near right, and it still sucks balls. No bottom out valving. Fuck me, even the standard Sachs works better as far as bottom out goes.

It has the heaviest rear spring on the Ohlins list, 22kg/mm. It still sucks hairy dogs balls.

It was set up by the same guy who has done 3 dirt bikes for me and they've all been perfect. He went to Le Mans to do suspension work for the last 24 hour. He knows what he's doing.

I stopped short of spending money on replacing the internals of the front end. Because I had decided to replace the bike. By the time I buy rims and front cartridges etc I'd have paid enough to upgrade the suspension that I could have just bought an Enduro bike and kept the BMW for road riding.

I know the salesman at the KTM store, my son used to work there. I was offered $1500 discount on a new 990 without asking.

If they offer me $10k for the Austro-Bavarian hunk of junk they can have it. I'll throw in all the spares I have for free.
Dont hold back, tell us what you really think.

I do get what you are saying as there have definitely been times I have been frustrated with the F800. I have also certainly thrown enough money at mine. But no matter what color Kool-aid you end up drinking, I just came to the conclusion that weight is weight and you can only get so much out of a 450 plus pound bike. I finally realized that for harder dirt riding, I just enjoy my smaller bike a lot more. I'm not dismissing the KTM thing, they are definitely cool bikes and I occasionally lust after one. I just dont think that any of the big adventure bikes are really going to kick ass when the going gets tough. (I'll probably get flamed for saying that )
On the other hand, with my current ridiculously expensive Bavarian whore, moderate dirt and touring is just fine. Good luck in your quest. I suspect the KTM will have you cursing also. Perhaps just about different things.
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