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O.k. I put in the fp needles at position #2 with the big washer/spacer on top and the skinny little one on the bottom. My float height is right around 3.5mm. 42 pilots. 175f and 178r on the mains. I would have made them the same but I didn't have 2 175's. And the result was.....Crap! Bike was flat as a pancake in the top end. Wasn't snappy at all off the bottom. In all my previous setups I can power wheelie in first and 2nd. This one was dead. I don't think the answer is bigger mains. I ran a 175/180 setup previously with the stack needle in position 3 with the float much higher into the bowl (leaner, correct?). It pulled pretty well at those settings but of course I always WANT MORE! Help me please.....
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