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How did you gap them if they do not touch?

They have to touch the cam at some point or they can not be gapped, no?

Originally Posted by Bloodweiser View Post
Done putting the motor back together.
Trying to set timin by following the book (Clymer) but my points are floating; not riding the cam when they should be open.

Here's what I did.
1) gap set to .012
2) Found TDC, zeroed indicator.
3) rotated clockwise (via alternator bolt) to -0.12" from zero.
3) rotated counterclockwise .041" to reach .079". This is the spec from the manual where my points should open. Again, points are no where near the cam lobe.


I even took off the whole big gizmo off down to the rotor to make sure I installed the cam correctly.
That pin makes it pretty idiot proof.

other relevant questions:
- Why does the manual state to go all the way back to .12" BTDC and then up to .079"?
- Looking at the points, does the left set correspond to the left cyl? Right to Right?
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