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Originally Posted by jackcbr600 View Post
Wow! I would have never guessed mexico had such beautiful cities... Have safe an fun travels
It definitely has some good ones. Not every one is a gem, but there is definitely a lot more to it than most Americans think. I hope I can unearth even more as I go.

Interestingly enough, I learned a little more about my own family history and some connections to Mexico I never knew about. Coincidentally (and fortuitously) I will be going by some of it in the coming days.

And to elaborate on my previous post, SLP seems more just business and a lot of American ones. Today I saw, a Walmart, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway, McDonald's, Sears, even a Woolworths. My hostel is two blocks from the BurgerKing and three from the Office Depot.

I will also add my short story of my first time being pulled over by a cop in Mexico. It happened just as I was entering SLP today. A muni on a scooter and another on a 125 bike motioned me over.

I started in with the stupid American routine who did not speak Spanish. They tried to explain that I had gone over a bridge and motorcycles were not allowed at least on that one, At first I thought they were just concocting something because they did not do anything until after I went by ( and they could see my foreign plates)and there were certainly no signs about that. They may have been making it up, but they were both extremely friendly. The language barrier seemed to stump them so I launched into asking for directions to the street I wanted. After a bit of puzzling, the scooter cop motioned me to follow him. I was not sure if he was taking me to the station to find an interpreter or leading the way to my street. Of course, as with most of my trip, the better nature of people showed through. He took me to the street within spitting distance of the hostel. Even made sure to shake my hand before riding away. So a pleasant ( and helpful) experience overall.
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