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Originally Posted by Grinderman View Post
O.k. I put in the fp needles at position #2 with the big washer/spacer on top and the skinny little one on the bottom. My float height is right around 3.5mm. 42 pilots. 175f and 178r on the mains. I would have made them the same but I didn't have 2 175's. And the result was.....Crap! Bike was flat as a pancake in the top end. Wasn't snappy at all off the bottom. In all my previous setups I can power wheelie in first and 2nd. This one was dead. I don't think the answer is bigger mains. I ran a 175/180 setup previously with the stack needle in position 3 with the float much higher into the bowl (leaner, correct?). It pulled pretty well at those settings but of course I always WANT MORE! Help me please.....
Every bike is different, gas varies, altitude, expectations, etc... Sounds like you had it pretty good last setup. I'd go back to that if it was me. Small adjustments from there.

Was it factory needles, factory airjets, airbox, etc? If you had it with the h2w kit, the airjets should be different... and no way would it have run on those big mains.
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