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It's good to have good friends with patience, good ideas and experience, and beer.

We got the final drive back in Friday night. We had 3 people working on it most of the evening and wow I couldn't imagine doing it alone.

Here are some of the gotchas and observations:
1. I took the transmission off again because I decided I had been a bit too light on the grease on the spline. I thought it better to do it now... I also discovered I had bought a new seal for the transmission input shaft, so installed that, and a cute little bit of felt around the clutch shaft. I'm sure it all would have been fine, but decided better safe than sorry at this point.

2. Had a bit of a challenge installing the final drive. It wasn't clear in the manuals, or Ted's video, on the order of installation, but NEXT TIME, I think it will be much easier to install the Drive Shaft before the Housing. We put on the housing and then fishing the drive shaft onto the output shaft was a bit tricky. We got it on, but it wasn't on all the way (didn't quite "Snap" into place, so it the FD was about 1/2" out of getting the pivot bolts in)

2.5 I didn't want to take the housing off again (loctite and all that) so managed to get the drive-shaft on through the housing, and then used a block of wood and 6 hands to tap it on until it clicked.

3. The FD had gone on easily the first time, now we had a bugger of it. It turned out it was just a case of getting the smooth "leader" in (using a 3 people and a screwdriver it's not hard) and then, with the trans in gear and two Wheel Bolts in the FD, turn the FD until the splines lined up. (As per the PDF doc "BMW R1100GS: Final Drive Splines Lube") Then it slides right on. We tapped it with a rubber mallet to slide it on.

4. In the process of installing the bearing carrier bolts, the left, rear bolt (one of the ones that take a huge lock-nut, kept winding and winding in, not leaving any threads for the lock-nut to go onto. Upon inspection, I realized I was missing a bearing race cone thingy on the rear inside pivot bolt. Looked through my parts and checked with my cleaning crew and opened another beer...and finally found it where the FD parts had been sitting...on my garage floor. Cleaned and greased it and...took off the FD again to install it. This time it was easy due to the experience above.
Oh, and I did have a challenge because I didn't have a way to put a 1/2 drive socket (the 22mm Hex used for the bearing carriers) onto a 1/4 drive ratchet (my small torque wrench for the 7 Nm needed). I used the large torque wrench but it was (just) off the bottom of the scale and I probably should have just done it hand tight.

That was about 3.5 hours - I know it should have been half that, but it did include taking the trans off and back on again, once, and the FD 3 times...and a whole lotta learning!

Now we are planning a ride next weekend, so I better stop typing and get back to attaching bits. I've just re-watched the last half of Ted's R1100RT spline lube video - man that's useful - and start a list of what remains to be done so I do it in the right order:
I think it will be:
- torque arm
- ABS Sensor
- Rear wheel
- Brake
- Airbox
- starter
- frame
- battery box / battery
- Etc: gadgets and goodies galore.
- Tank
- Test ride slowly.

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