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progress and a tire AUTOpsy.

My new jacket from Roland Sands showed up on friday and fits great:) It has armor in the elbows, shoulders, and back. I also got knee armor for wearing under my pants.

The bike is back on the lift!

I filled the fissures with JB weld and made sure the sealing surfaces were flat and clean. Made sure there was no debris on the valves and put the "new" valve cover on.

I took the rear wheel off for convenience since I was messing around with the subframe and shocks and stuff. the axle didn't come out real easy and actually the tophat was stuck on it and pulled the hub seal out so i'm going to check the axle for straightness.

lots of dirt on the inside of the hub, probably from flipping around on the road.

the sheared off muffler mount bolts! crazy! they didn't want to come out, but I am persistant;)

I put some used headers on and took the bent subframe off.

the headers didn't fit great. either the side stand is bent or these headers are a little more beat up than they looked. I think i'm just going to buy new headers...

The is the problem busted up switch.

I can't figure out how to get the wiring doohicky out. but when I DO, i'm going to try to wire in a replacement...

I got the EPCO Peashooters from wirewrkr yesterday:) They look pretty sweet! also put the donor subframe on. it is about 2" shorter than my stock frame, and my shocks don't fit perfect. with the frame securely attached and one shock bolted on the other shock is this far out of alignment. I think i'm going to hammer on the subframe a bit...

I took some videos of the exhaust - Peashooters and NO mufflers. the no mufflers sounded pretty sick;) niether video really does the sound justice.

I took apart the infamous failed tire this afternoon.

This is my tire, a Dunlop K70, 3.25-19.

This is the tube the shop put in: a 2.75/3.00-21

you can see the difference in sizes below with the shop installed tube and a tube that I had pinched in my initial attempts, but that was the correct size.

found the hole in the tube as well. It is on the INside (spoke side) of the tube - see that little black circle on the tube? I circled the hole in black sharpie.

close-up of the hole.

this is the corresponding rim area.

I did not tear the rim tape or put the tool marks in the aluminum rim today, and it is unlikely the damage to the INside of rim happened during or after the accident. This is the ONLY area where the rim tape is damaged like this, or where any gouges that look like this are.

What i think happened is the shop used a screw driver or something to remove the old tube gouging the rim, they then used the wrong size tube which sat wrongly inside the tire and rubbed on those scratches until the tube was compromised. Since I had checked the tire pressure the night before, I imagine that the hole in the tube happened sometime the day of my crash, but pressure didn't get low enough until my final ride that day, and didn't give me a problem riding in a straight line on the freeway until i started changing lanes to get to my off ramp where the turning/veering broke the bead or something and i had a total failure.

With this information, I'm going into the shop on Tuesday when they are open again, and I'm going to make sure they know what happened and that i could have been killed. and I've told my insurance co what I found. Be careful out there everyone and double check the work you're paying an expert for when you can.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
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