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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
Is that your way of saying that you agree with me that the forks are still the same shitty cheap 45mm Zokes?
I agree. - I think the forks on my wheel barrow work better.

If the forks weren't lame enough - when they work. - - My friend just bought a brand new 2013 F800 GS. Within 3 days- Under 400 miles, we walked outside to get on our bikes, and noticed fork oil dripping out of both of her forks. Back to the shop with a brand new bike, with leaky forks.

For the kind of money a person shells out, - I'd expect a lot more.

I hate my forks on my 2011 F800GS. I bottom out - easily. I'm looking to replace the entire system.

I'm a little annoyed at the amount of after market money that is required to make a bike worth riding from the F800 GS. More than a little annoyed.
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