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Originally Posted by Grinderman View Post
Hey thanks for the quick reply. My last setup was not the h2w setup in any way. When I initially set up my cpr filter I pulled all of the jetting that was set up for the pre filter and put all stock items back on. What I am trying to improve on is..
42 pilots
175f main, 180r main
3 clip stock needle
cpr air filter
I have the remote for the fuel screws, but from what I understand these are more for the air/fuel at idle then anything. Is that right?

It sounds like these fp needles are the way to go in the less restrictive environment, and I am trying to follow your lead because you know what's up. I like the idea of 2nd position on the clip because it can cover a wider range in elevation. I just don't know what direction to head at the moment. I am at sea level and it's hot here in Nor Cal. Maybe I well try 3rd position and see if that makes a difference. If it is still flat in power I well throw the stock needles back in and compare. I screwed up by changing two things instead of just one. I should not have touched the floats until after changing the needle and riding it. Believe it or not this crazy bike that I spend all of my time on is what keeps me sane
Thanks for the compliment. Anything I know about these things is gleamed from a lot! of practice not getting them right.

FP needles are totally different! I'd say that if its better in the 3rd clip for you on the stock needle, might stick with it...or spring for the fp needles which are totally the way to go imho. Stock needles are fatter/leaner with much less taper... making flatter transition to wfo power. All it changes moving clips down is the transition to main comes slightly earlier and there will be a bit more bleed through into the low circuit...which is likely why you had a leaner float before and probably a bit less on the screws. Shouldn't make so drastic an effect on elevation performance, if any at all. The greatest factor I have found in that regard is the 45 slow jet.

I'm east coast, our air is humid...your's is dry. I have my valves adjusted tight, yours may be loose. I left the plugs in my Akras... Whats working for me might not be so great for you. Esoteric I know, but these carbs are really fickle.

Best thing is to get the other stuff close, especially the float height, then top speed it to dial in the mains. Set those and leave them alone. Then figure out if it runs better in clip 2 or 3, 42 or 45 slows.... Small singular adjustments from there. I know its not that helpful but...
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