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Just trying to be helpful ...

1100Cruiser, Mouthoflake too, hi!

Because of the year, 1994, you may want to check the ground wire. If you have a plastic tank, and even if you don't have a plastic tank, there was a difference in the way the plastic and steel tanks were grounded. The plastic tanks, have a big thick brown wire that has a connector half way between the tank and the bike. I've had issues with that connector, where the ground wire was loose inside the connector.

Interestingly, on my bike, the dealers a long time ago swapped the plastic tank out, but did not change the wiring. Why would they, ya know?

None the less, if you're using a test light to see if you get power to the pump, but still the pump isn't running, check the ground.

Of course, this is just my opinion, and your bike might be totally different, but it's a suggestion.

Let us know, please, how you make out.


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