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Ok. I should be working (yeah, I know, at Midnight on a Sunday???), but with HBN's report fresh and me just the right amount of buzzed (yeah, I can drink at work), I thought I'd get into it.

So, yeah. What HBN said for the morning. We hit some stunning paved roads & stunning dirt roads, stunning hills and shoreline. It was stunning. And I didn't take enough pics. C'est le riding. I ended up doing some maintenance in the most beautiful place I've ever had adjust a chain. Then the distillery where I spent way more on a small bottle of almost-scotch than I really should have.

The engines on Bell's hydrofoils absolutely entranced me. HUGE V-12s. Exposed valve stems. Huge brass radiators. I want one in my living room.

Then we got on the Cabot trail.

Beautiful riding again as HBN said. Until he decided to take a “shortcut”. It started out as a road. Turned into something more resembling a driveway. Then turned into a rough double track (HBN: seriously, it looks like a major road on my map!). Then it turned up the mountain and got both muddy & rocky. With over hanging branches/brambles making it hard as hell to see what you're getting into a meter at a time. I decided to stop the crazy train & scout ahead a bit. Also, HBN may have gotten briefly struck behind me. That also may have been because I was going too slowly.

The trail was pretty rough ahead and we had 3 or 4 miles of it until we got back on pavement. It was the kind of trail that would be a blast on a small bike on an afternoon in the mountains when you could call a buddy if everything went to hell. But it was over my head fully loaded & this far from home.

The funniest part of this little excursion was, after the 2 man effort of getting both bikes pointed back down the mountain, Mike took off while I geared back up. Suddenly I heard someone yelling in the distance in the woods. My thoughts (irrationally) immediately turned to angry locals with guns coming after us for trespassing. It took me a whole 2 minutes to figure out that the Chatterbox communicator was still on in the helmet hanging on the mirror on my bike and I was hearing Mike cursing in his own helmet several hundred yards down the trail.

We had been looking for a good spot to snack for about an hour and I saw a sign for a cemetery that pointed toward the ocean. That's gotta be cool. So we turned around and headed to easily the most amazing place I've even eaten lunch.

The we headed on into Cheticamp in search of seafood & beer. Vittles were procured & a hot chick was accidentally followed all over town.

And then we headed up into Cape Breton park.

I made this nice info-graphic that should be self-explanitory:

The campsite @ Meat Cove is at least as amazing as everyone said. I hadn't heard any of that chatter, so I was oblivious. Bloody amazing.

After meeting our new friend from NOVA here at the Campground at the End of the Universe (yep, still using that) and a cool guy from NB, we got a fire going and ate like kings. Well, as good as the real kings probably did. Not like on TV. Anyway. So then I took some pictures.

I went to bed on the soft grass of the cliff with the gentle breeze off the Atlantic whistling quietly through my tent (can you imagine this place in a Nor'easter? That would be awesome...). I would have been completely at peace, but I knew that the next day I would have to point my nose home and turn south for the first time in a week. Without my pink-clad compadre.
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