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Originally Posted by hardwaregrrl View Post
SSsaaaaawwweeeeeetttttt!!!!!!! Let's race it!!!!!
Thanks! We're hopin' to.

Originally Posted by crazydrummerdude View Post

It started as an R90/6? I don't see any /6 stuff on there.
Yup, 1974. Not much left is there?

Originally Posted by bmwhacker View Post

Seriously..... it looks like you might have a little sight interference going on there?
Nope, it's just right. Seated, I'm looking a good four inches above the top, and I can stand up for anything technical, I gotta see the front wheel type stuff. I'm a tall dude.

Originally Posted by onaXR View Post
Those DRZ forks with a BMW wheel? Details please.
Oy, we're talking some work here. I'm kinda stubborn, and really wanted a 19" front wheel, ideally the stock one. There was enough room for the hub and spacer, but not for the stock disc with all of its offset. So, the disc is from a Suzuki GSXR750 (first generation), sourced from Metalgear in Australia. The center hole is 61mm, which fits the hub, and the offset is 21.5mm, thin enough to fit between the fork legs. The bolt hole circumference is different, but since they were both 5-hole, I drilled the new, 80mm pattern midway between the existing holes with a 8.5mm bit. I then had to make a four millimeter thick spacer to go between the disc carrier and the hub (this was necessary due to the caliper I used and would change with other applications). I had a cracked Airhead disc carrier that I cut the mounting flange out of and then turned it down to right thickness. I used one of the steel five-hole disc mounting "washers" on the outside of the disc when I bolted everything up and it covered the extra holes in the disc carrier. Now, fitting the BMW axle in the Suzuki forks. The threads on the axle were smaller diameter than the fork threads, but the axle diameter just inboard of that was larger than the fork ID. So the Suzuki axle that would thread into the fork would be too small a diameter to work with the BMW wheel bearings. I just wasn't up to making a new axle, so I decided to bore the fork leg so the axle would go all the way through, and put a nut on the outside, instead of threading into the fork leg. It's a nice slip fit, but was a tedious job as I hand fitted it with a reamer. The clamped side needed a split tubular shim (.5mm if I recall) between the clamp and axle. A simple spacer for the disc side to get everything centered and it was done. Jeez, it sounds so easy reading it!
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