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Originally Posted by def View Post
So, he jumped onto the bike and began romping on the kick starter (this was not an electric start motorcycle) but to no avail.

I had little experience with Harleys of that vintage but I have extensive experience with kick start motorcycles.

I slowly stroked the engine through one revolution of the kick lever. Adequate compression and I could smell fuel. The problem was immediately apparent. I reached down to the clutch cable and introduced some cable slack (there was no lock nut on the adjuster ferrule).

I turned on the ignition and gave the kick lever one stab. That little Harley burst into life with a nice flame from the up-swept exhaust pipes that were full of fuel.
Alright, I'll bite on this story. My only exposure to kick starts was my old Triumph, but I'm having a tough time making a connection between engine spark (since compression and fuel were good) and the clutch cable being tight. Mind enlightening me?
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