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This DKW was the base of some later East German modells. Behind the iron curtain the East Germans got the task to build simple two stroke cars. So along with MZ-s, the they built Trabant (was very very popular in Hungary, my mother had 2 of 'em, I learned to drive on it) 600cc, aircooled, 2 cyl 2 stroker. It was partially fiberglass carosserie and was really light. Coloumn shifted, of course. usually sedan, but there were station wagons too, only 2 doors. :) There was a much bigger car, Wartburg. The later modell, (70-ies to 1990 or so) was a huge square workhorse. For us, growing up in small mass produced apartment blocks the car was nearly as big as the living room. :P 1L 3 cyl watercooled engine. (the DKW successor) My Grandfather was a carpenter and has 2 of them. Could carry 500l pests killer solution to the wineyard...

They even built a van out of it, Barkas, the same 1000cc engine, but a van body. It was the regular workhorse for smaller companies. All three of them were very popular here. :P
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