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Day 9
Another awesome sunrise on our desolate camp.

We did the morning routine of coffee, noodles and a hard boiled egg then hit the two track. The riding is so good!!

The weather was perfect. We got a little off track and had to cut across this field to get back on the route going through the pass in the distance here. The terrain is so smooth that even with the minimal suspension our bikes had it was still a pleasant ride across.

Back on the route. It's funny that this type of road is actually marked on a map.

Soon we came into a valley and were waved in by this nomad family.

They were so nice!! All they wanted to do was share some tea and cheese with us. We noticed that a lot of the mongols are a little funny about getting their picture taken especially inside the ger. This is a classic scene right here; ger, solar panel and chinese bike.

We stopped for supplies in the next town. Slim pickings here and then we noticed it was a dry town!! No beer or vodka. We found this quite odd.

There are still a few of these beasts running around. They are a Russian built two stroke pig that has the unreliability of the Royal Enfields. They were the bike of choice a while back. The Chinese bikes are phasing these things out.

We started down a large valley and were hitting all these great sections of single track along side the standard two track route.

The single track was incredibly smooth sailing.

So typical; nomad, ger, solar panel, chinese bike. Check out the bird on the post.

The birds we were seeing were really cool!

Mmmmmmm, single track!!

Next thing you know, we come across this group of three bikes, one with a flat. His friends are all standing around talking and laughing. He's got his shirt off and is sweating and getting filthy as he's working on the flat. It's so funny because this is the EXACT same scene that happens to us in The States - someone flats out, everyone else finds a comfortable spot to heckle and watch the victim struggle.

These guys didn't have any patches or glue so we helped them out. He had three holes which were classified as a "single class 1 patch failure" and a text book "class 2 snake bite". This group was just yucking it up!!

One of them was riding this Mongol "full dresser". We were jealous.

After the flat episode we decided to clean up in the river. Very refreshing.

It was getting late in the day when we passed through the next town where we found a bottle of vodka and some other supplies for our Steppe Stew.

Then we found the "hutag" to fill up our water. I love the guys peeking out the window, controlling the flow of water.

The days ride couldn't have ended any better than with this buttery section of two track.

We find another perfect camp site and start in on the Steppe Stew.

Pretty soon we have a visitor. He's just heading into the hills toward his ger we suspect. He's riding the same bike we have.

He had some bolts that came loose on his rack so we pulled some out of our spare parts and bolted it back together. Remember, no english with any of these guys!! Another awesome day in the remote territory of Mongolia.

128km for the day.
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