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Originally Posted by AntiHero View Post
Boston was a mess....
About the only thing worse than the parking was the traffic and traffic flow--and it's time for some fucking political commentary, which I hate, but fuck me--billions are being spent to try and increase MPG of cars and decrease emissions and lower our dependence on fossil fuels, but has no one thought about perhaps upgrading the metered traffic lights to something, say, more advanced than what was being used in 1960. In Boston and countless other cities traffic is constantly stopped for no reason while we wait for the green light that smiles upon an empty lane. And what's worse is if the lights were timed so that you could hit 5 or 6 green in a row (ala 19th Ave in SF), millions of gallons of fuel would not be wasted. I just don't get it. An intelligent traffic metering system using technology that already exists (motion sensors, logarithms that meter traffic based on optimal flow patterns, a fucking motherboard with a processor, etc.) could do more for fuel efficiency in cities than anything that's currently happening to save it in the private sector.
i was thinking about this today. you're right of course, but the logical extension of these "advances" is removing the operator from the equation. that seems completely counter to what motorcycling is about.
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if a HD rider puts a car tire on the back of his bike he's an idiot...

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People that want to try to dictate my life to me can suck it.
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