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Originally Posted by disston View Post
I've had a little luck swapping parts around in my carbs. Do you think a different slide would make the 64/32/11 that you have work? Or maybe the jets are worn out. You don't say exactly what the problem is with the carb you want to replace.
My R75/5 came with the factory carbs; 64/32/3-4. The left side carb (64/32/3) had a pilot jet crumble when I tried to remove it. For all my efforts, I could not remove the brass from the threads of the carb body.

I had struck a deal with a chap on here for a box of 64/32/11 carbs and parts, hence my reason for purchasing a 64/32/12 carb. The deal on the 64/32/11 box didn't happen in time, so I'm stuck with the 64/32/12 carb, and a 64/32/3 carb.

I suppose I could always run two /12 carburetors if I can't find an 11 anywhere. Seems plenty of airheads end up feeding the hungry on eBay.
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