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What drives the cam?

Is it on the crank or is it gear driven? When you say that you rebuilt the motor, what all did you do to it? Was the top end apart? Was the clutch and/or the alternator pulled? Was the trans apart?
You may have to TDC the piston and reset the cam gear, yes? I have seen plastic cam gears damaged. A new one could be in the cards.

Originally Posted by Bloodweiser View Post
I gapped them when they were open, ie. when they were on the cam.
When I have it at the correct spot for timing, they're closed - ie, off the cam.
Like 90 degrees out.

I'll snap some pics when I get home today and go over this crap.

And yeah, EI in the future. Maybe even before I fire this old gal up for the first time. But I'm still not going to let this go until I figure it out.
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