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Originally Posted by victor850r View Post
Hi i got the same bike it was heritage from grandpa, So im triying to bring from death the r65 1981
but i notice the is no spark at the spark plugs and besides that the starter sounds like machine gun trrrrrrrrr trrrrrrrrr trrrrrrrr. I can see under the starter plastic cover that the flying wheel gear spins, but no spark in the spark plugs,
do you think it can be because a bad fuse? or bad connection, or should i go straight to halls sensor?

NOTE: when the spark plugs are out side the holes while they are attached to spark plug cables, they are loosen over the heads dancing around, no start button activated, there i can see some
sparks in the spark plugs. I hope you guys could give to me some ideas or links to read about this kind of issue.

I'm not much of an expert so I think your best bet is to start a new thread with your problems. I'm sure some of the airhead experts here will be along to help you. You need three things to start: Air, Fuel, and Spark. Make sure you're getting all three before you go chasing potential issues. Good luck!
1981 BMW r65 - Photos
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