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What about exhaust? I really like the Remus Hexacore and obvoiusly the Akrapovic is popular. And as far as tuning goes... Are the 800s able to compensate for aftermarket exhaust without any modifications? Seems like they run a little bit rich (mine does anyway) so if the exhaust leaned it out a bit it should be ok.
I have the Remus Hexacore with the larger diameter headers. A aftermarket skid plate will not fit over these headers without modifications. I used The BDCW Skid plate. I had to remove with a 45 degree angle grinder, material off the skid plate to accommodate the Spring on the Connector of the lower header pipe, grind off a portion of the plate to accommodate the spring travel on my center stand, and grind out an area to keep the upper header pipe from vibrating on the side of the plate. I also lined the plate with heat resistant rubber tiles, to muffle the echo from the engine - the plate is so inclined to produce. I also bought a Scotts Stabilizer because my TKC80s were giving high speed wobbles on the freeway, and I just slapped Heidenau tires on, and I like them better. Because the front forks are non adjustable, I bottom out easily, so I do not ride crazy in the dirt to warrant the TKC80s. I got 6000 miles out of mine, and I will not be buying them again. I bought aftermarket lighting. Clearwater Glendas and Kristas. That I would recommend to anyone, if they can swing the price. I put brighter bulbs in my regular headlights as they made it seem dangerous to drive at night. Rock chip guard for the headlight, a larger kickstand foot was a necessity for off road parking, and I bought a brake pedal enlarger and BDCW Footpegs. Those are great! Anyway. Thats my take.
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