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1000 K kms is nothing. Did they do the first service? That would save you a bit too if it's been done (should be).

Most test riders are kinda nervous and go easy on it. Get confirmation on what if anything had to be repaired (dropped?) If it's a reputable dealer there should be trust. Did they put that mileage on it themselves or did they get it that way? If they got it new then they will know how it was treated.

In Canada anyway, the test fleet is auctioned off privately every fall to the Dealerships and have maybe 5K kms on them. The test rides are controlled and have a lead/tail rider to monitor things. Sometimes they get scratched by boots etc. but the quality can be trusted. The remaining warranty still applies.

My '09 F8 was a different story. It was an OFFROAD test bike and that was quite obvious. Then it was given to the boys at to participate in the Arctic Challenge. Yep, that's my bike. I bought it through the Dealer with no promises made or implied but I did see it tore apart with the damage shown to me. It was half price with 10K kms on it. Cost me a grand in parts (at cost, thanks!) to get it safetied. It's been an awesome bike with no signs of permanent damage. Same clutch etc. now with 45K kms on it. I only had one warranty claim for peeling paint (on a badly damaged body panel ) and it looks well cared for when clean.

I'd do it again. Just make sure you get it checked over near the end of the Warranty to address any issues. By then you'll know if anythings wrong anyway.
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