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Originally Posted by broadwayron View Post
Are the ram balls "normal", or different in any way from one I might buy elsewhere?
The reason I ask is, this weekend, my mirror wouldn't stay tight, so I kept trying to turn the arm lever (but, I couldn't turn it any further). I've had it on my bike for a few rides with no problems, but this was bugging me. So, I took the arm off the ball, and the ball was mushed, like it had melted (but, the weather was actually cool). I've never seen that happen to a ram ball, so I put it in my pocket, and was going to take a pic when I got home... then, the ball was round again!
Any idea what happened? I'm no He-man, so I don't think my superhuman strength warped the ball. Plus, I've got other ram mounts and never had this happen.
(This isn't a big deal- I'm just curious if you use a ram ball from a different company, or something like that.)
thats normal, the RAM mount 1" balls are made with a vulcanized rubber cover, if you really tighten them down they will distort and then return to normal after they relax.
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